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I promised a re-design and it's finally here!

Yesssss. Progress. My logo has been updated as promised! Sorry it took 8 months to get this far, but it has been a very busy year for me so far. In February I started full-time at Sears Holdings, first in floor planning and design. Then in May I moved up to web content specialist. It's been a trip so far, and I am working with some very knowledgeable folks here.

I also have had a few clients thrown in as well. I got to do a brand design for Maple and Oak (a company that helps restaurants choose their loans.) I also had the chance to work with The Aladdin Company. This is a kit-housing company over a hundred years old! With new owners they were looking to revive the business and offer a catalog experience through the web.  You should check them out if you have the need.

I also had the chance to put a novella together for Charlotte Newman, an author in the UK. Her subject matter is a bit racy but you can see a preview of her work (and mine) in the publication page.

There are some more projects that I am working towards but they are super secret right now. So stay tuned...

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