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when wordpress is the answer

Less and less now static HTML pages are receding into the background. WordPress is beginning to take over web design. Though some people believe this is like comparing apples and oranges, it is a decision that needs to be made when creating a website. The simple fact is how can a static HTML page even compete with WordPress? Most people have a webpage to make money or raise awareness. Either way, you are not looking for something that will drain your resources or waste your time. You want people to want to visit your page, and (most importantly) to want to come back. If your webpage is sitting static and never has anything new, why would anyone come back? Here are some things to think over when choosing your site.

Easy to Use.

WordPress has an excellent and easy way to set up keeping content fresh. Individuals can even set it up now to post (with categories and pictures included) from their email. With a designer’s help a properly set up page can be put together in a week or less provided that the content is all created. And WordPress isn’t only easy for the user, it’s easy for the designer. Themes can help to set the tone of your site, but the editor can help to edit the CSS and make it your own. With even a basic knowledge of HTML/CSS you can have your own site designed, up, and running with less hassle than you think. If you already have HTML experience then it may be just as easy for you to start something from scratch, but all the indexing and sorting can become a hassle and hold you up.

One Word: Plugin.

Plugins can allow you to do almost anything with your site. Plugins are to WordPress like apps are to smartphones. You can even download a plugin (for free) that will allow you to sell items from your website. It sets up a shop page and allows you to add items, take payments, and track orders. On an HTML site that is not an easy task. Even with the new Adobe Muse, to access that kind of functionality you need to set up a Business Catalyst account and jump through those hoops. One thing that many people argue is security on WordPress sites are lax. With the proper plugins you can be secure and assured that not only are you saving yourself the hacking, but that your spam comments will be kept to a minimum.  There’s a plugin for that.


I’m not saying every person can build a WordPress site, though most people can. The best ones are set up by someone who knows at least a bit about HTML and can get themselves out of a mess when they need to (and are probably familiar with/are in love with firebug.) Always let a designer set you up if you are not familiar! It can be very time consuming trying to set one up the first time if you’re totally unfamiliar with web design. However, the WordPress community just keeps growing. And eventually you’ll have to maintain the page yourself. The support page has nearly every question you have and then 1000 more. If you’re more of a visual learner check out youtube or woothemes for tips and tutorials on how to get out of a bind and on the right path (or if you forgot and your designer’s not available.) Not to mention that keeping up with updates to the www are made with just a click or two. Now you can run into issues with updates from time to time, but with the help or your WordPress community you’ll be back on your…well I guess your seat, huh?


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infographics provided by http://www.salessuccessconsulting.com
infographic provided by http://www.salessuccessconsulting.com


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